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NOREL es una empresa innovadora cuya actividad esta enfocada al desarrollo, fabricación y comercialización de aditivos y materias primas para la nutrición animal.

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Use of RUMALATO for improving feed efficiency and reduce the enviromental impact in ruminants

In the last decades, there has been a growing concern about the contribution of livestock to greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). However, it's important to note that livestock only accounts approximately from 6 to 8% of total greenhouse gas emissions (Richi et al...

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SPACE - The international exhibition for animal farming

Luca Pandolfini (Sales director for Europe) and Marie Cadieu (Sales Manager for France and Belgium) from NOREL was happy and proud to come during SPACE as visitor from 12th to 14th September 2023. This exhibition took place in the west part of France. SPACE...

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Use of medium-chain fatty acids to promote production performances and gastrointestinal tract health in calves

Newborn dairy calves are susceptible to many pathological conditions that are reflected in their production life. Heinrichs and Heinrichs (2011) reported that the number of days when calves are suffering diarrhea during the first months of life has a...

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Suplementation with Protected Flax seed oil in ruminants HIFLAX®

The supplementation with fat (energy) has been shown as a suitable strategy to satisfy the energy requirements of the livestock production animals. This is especially relevant in the case of high-level production. In addition, it has been found positive...

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