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NOREL es una empresa innovadora cuya actividad esta enfocada al desarrollo, fabricación y comercialización de aditivos y materias primas para la nutrición animal.

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Fraude Norel Agri

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Fraude Norel Agri

February 02, 2023

From NOREL, S.A. we would like to inform that we have recently suffered an identity fraud. A website dedicated to supposedly selling heavy machinery, under the domain and email, has been misusing our global corporate image as well as that of our subsidiary NOREL AGRI, S.L. and our general director, Mr. Francisco Moral, without our knowledge, and of course, permission. Their final objective is clearly to deceive online buyers.

We do not know the identity of who may be behind the aforementioned web page, but we clarify that neither NOREL, S.A. nor any company of the group is dedicated to the sale of heavy machinery and has no relationship with the domain and with the email

The facts have already been reported to the authorities by NOREL, S.A., and they will act accordingly.

NOREL, S.A. is a company dedicated to the production of feed additives and ingredients for animal nutrition, and the official communication channels are indicated on our website

Fraude Norel Agri

Francisco Moral, CEO
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